take charge of your mind

The most IMPACTFUL, MIND-ALTERING online series

that will put a muzzle on the negative voice in your head
and give your future successful self the microphone to tell you
how to become the eye of the STORM!!


Mindset & Communication Master Coach

I guide people on mental journeys that clear their minds, reduce their stress, and give them resources to enjoy what they do. Over the past 6 years, I have taught thousands of people around the world and helped them move from being stuck in unfulfilling patterns to thriving, feeling more in control, and loving life.

I hope you will join me on this next adventure as you Take Charge Of Your Mind!

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Open Registration: June 15 – 30, 2017

Late Registration Begins: July 1, 2017

Last Date to Register: July 5, 2017

Program Starts: July 7, 2017 with delivery of Week 1 video and worksheet

BONUS!!! Group Coaching Classes are online on Thursdays at noon PDT:

  • July 13
  • July 20
  • July 27
  • August 3
  • Articulate Your Passion: Learn the step-by-step formula to revamping “what you do” to something that excites you everyday you do it, that attracts your ideal clients like bees to honey, and results in more people wanting to know about YOUR business than they do about Brad & Angelina.
  • Clear Out The Clutter: Everyone wants to think more positive thoughts and with this fail-proof, super simple process, you will finally be one who doesn’t have to say 100 affirmations daily to make it happen. Just like a clutter-free house or a freshly clean car, you will fall back in love with that peaceful home in your mind.
  • Feel new-found FREEDOM: Once you have learned to clear out the trash of unwanted negative emotions, round 2 includes an even easier process to break the chains of your self-imposed limitations.
  • Get laser FOCUSED: on what you want and how to make it happen. You can achieve anything with the right mindset, and this super simple method will bring your dreams to life… literally. So be ready to focus on what you REALLY WANT!

In the next 40 days, you will have the tools and have completed each process to
Take Charge From The Storm And Light Up Your World
IF……… you join us for this fantastic journey to Take Charge of Your Mind!

Week #1

An abundance of MOTIVATION starts with tapping into your PASSION and sharing it with the world.

Start With The Heart

Most people know WHAT they do, but they don’t know WHY they do it. Differentiate yourself, your skills, and your values as you find your true PURPOSE.

Week #2

Feel LIGHTER, more CALM and FREE when you purge the patterns of negative thoughts in your mind.

Take Out The Trash

Negative emotions such as fear, anger, sadness, and guilt bind us and weigh us down. When you complete a deep cleanse in your mind, you will begin to notice new avenues and POSSIBILITIES that arise.

Week #3

LIBERATE yourself and feel CONFIDENT achieving new levels of success when you let go of limiting beliefs.

Reach For The Stars

Most people know they have limiting beliefs, but they don’t know HOW to change them. By the end of this week, you’ll destroy those limits like a professional astronaut.

Week #4

Increase your FOCUS and find that clear path to making your goals a reality.


Most people try to control their directions and lose sight of where they are going. By the end of this class, learn how to become laser FOCUSED on your goals and jump on an OPEN freeway to get there.

5 Features That Make This Program AWESOME!

  • Power Training Videos And Worksheets Available Weekly

  • Super Simple Step-By-Step Repeatable Processes

  • 100% Online — Learn From Anywhere In The World

  • Led By Top Master Coaches

  • Join The Growing Community of People Taking Charge Today!

  • SUPER BONUS!!! Weekly Group Coaching To Hold You Accountable, Practice And Share Insights With Others, And Get Any Questions Answered Directly From Amy

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